Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Emma was exploring the front yard yesterday waiting patiently to go to the park. She kept walking up to the pumpkins and I would say "pumpkin". A few minutes later I hear her say it! It's so cute! She won't say Mama (sore subject), but she will say pumpkin. I thought I was hearing things. I thought it was too big of a word for her to say but she kept saying it over and over again. Later at the park she was saying it to her Aunt and cousins. It was so cute! Today she was looking at pictures on the computer with her Nonnie, and one came up with a pumpkin and she said it again. She really knows what a pumpkin is!?! I was trying to get her to say it for me so I could record it, but being the stubborn kid that she is, she would not say it. Every time I would give up, she would say it.

Back to the sore subject. Since Emma was a newborn, I tried to teach her mama. I never said Dada because I wanted her to say mama first! LOL You know Nick must have been brainwashing her with the Dada's. It totally backfired on me! She says Dada all day everyday. It makes me so mad. It's like she knows I want her to say it and she refuses. I seriously have not heard her say it for WEEKS! She says, okay, bye, uh oh, pat, Dada, and now pumpkin. No Mama.


Kristen said...

What a cutie pie! She will be saying Mama all day long soon enough :o)

Brianne said...

hahah, i do the same thing with isabella, LOL she will say it in time...=]