Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emma and Presley

When I was pregnant, I wondered how Presley would react to a baby in the house. He was always afraid when kids were in the house. He would run off and hide. During the end of my pregnancy he spent a lot of time in bed with me. It was like he knew I was sick. I worried that he was getting too attached to me, and when Emma came I would not have enough time for him.

Boy was I wrong, he now wants nothing to do with me. He loves Emma. He lets her do anything she wants to him. She tortures him at times, and he comes back for more. Lately she will lay on him and cuddle or sit in his bed with him. They have become such good friends.

Emma spent a lot of the day chasing Presley around the house. I think they both enjoyed it. Em thought it was hilarious when Presley came up and kissed her cheek. I was lucky enough to get a picture of it!


Stacey said...

Aww what a cute pic.

Kristen said...

Awww, how sweet!