Sunday, February 14, 2010

I may have traumatized my kid...

I went to my mom's house and Emma decided at the last minute to come with me. I didn't check to make sure I had extra diapers. When I got to my mom's I changed her diaper and realized that was the last diaper in my bag. I figured I'd be fine since I wasn't staying long. All of the sudden she disappeared! I figured she was... See More going to poop. I freaked out! I ran to her and said "Emma do you have to poop"? Her response "uh huh" I then said "do you want to try to go on the toilet"? Her response "uh huh" I got really excited and rushed her to the toilet. I figured it was going to be a while so I decided to sit down. With out even realizing it, I let go of her to sit and she fell straight into the toilet! I died laughing,of course she was crying. I fixed her back on the toilet and tried to convince her that everything was ok. Finally we gave up, I picked her up and that is when I realized how far down into the toilet she got, her butt was soaking wet! My mom, dad and I could not stop laughing. I went to go put her diaper back on and realized she peed a ton, so I had to dig out the other diaper out of the garbage (that one was completely dry) What a night. On the way home from my parents she said "mommy" I answered "yes Emma" and she said, "I fall in toilet"? Poor kid.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I noticed I had pictures of Emma's big girl room, but so much has changed so I thought I would post what it looks like now. I just wish that she would sleep through the night. I never dreamed that at age two she would still be waking up every night.