Sunday, January 18, 2009

This weekend, the weather was unbelievable. What do you do when you have perfect weather? Go to the San Francisco Zoo of course!

This was the first time Emma has been to the SF Zoo. We took her to the San Diego Zoo in July. It was quite a different experience this time. She is walking now, so she was able to wonder around a bit.

I think her favorite animal were the grizzly bears. They played in the water and put on a great show for us. Their new habitat is beautiful and they seem so happy in their new home. Emma thought all the animals were "kitty's". I loved watching her point at the animals in excitement. She is becoming a little person.

After the zoo, we took a ride to my grandmother's house for dinner. Emma loves it there. Nonnie made a wonderful dinner for us. We can't wait to go visit her again.

Emma and my mom

Emma and my Nonnie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I worry that Emma is going to be a lot like her Uncle Matt. My brother has always been a daredevil. He has no fear at all. He use to scare us to death with his stunting on his motorcycle. He had a few pretty bad falls. Thank goodness he is out of that stage. We all sleep a little better at night now. (at least during the winter when the racing season is over)

Santa brought Emma a quad for Christmas. She must have been a very good girl this year. She, like my brother, has no fear. She runs the thing into walls, stands on the seat and pushes the button to go, puts her legs over the handle bars. I am so scared for her. This quad is so small, and I am sure kids usually don't get hurt on them but I just know we are going to be in the emergency room one day with her. I must say, it is very entertaining to watch her ride.

She should really watch where she is going...

Right into the bush, I about died laughing.

Trying to run Nick over. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Some one seriously needs to teach this kid to pay attention while at the wheel.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Twins came to visit... Emma had a great time playing with her cousins, Mia and Victoria. I made the twins tutu's for their one year pictures. We decided to dress all three babies in them, they were not thrilled at all. Emma hates her tutu. Mia and Victoria had a hell of a time trying to crawl in them, but it was fun!



Emma had enough