Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Emma was exploring the front yard yesterday waiting patiently to go to the park. She kept walking up to the pumpkins and I would say "pumpkin". A few minutes later I hear her say it! It's so cute! She won't say Mama (sore subject), but she will say pumpkin. I thought I was hearing things. I thought it was too big of a word for her to say but she kept saying it over and over again. Later at the park she was saying it to her Aunt and cousins. It was so cute! Today she was looking at pictures on the computer with her Nonnie, and one came up with a pumpkin and she said it again. She really knows what a pumpkin is!?! I was trying to get her to say it for me so I could record it, but being the stubborn kid that she is, she would not say it. Every time I would give up, she would say it.

Back to the sore subject. Since Emma was a newborn, I tried to teach her mama. I never said Dada because I wanted her to say mama first! LOL You know Nick must have been brainwashing her with the Dada's. It totally backfired on me! She says Dada all day everyday. It makes me so mad. It's like she knows I want her to say it and she refuses. I seriously have not heard her say it for WEEKS! She says, okay, bye, uh oh, pat, Dada, and now pumpkin. No Mama.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party

Saturday was our 5th annual Halloween party. We has a nice turn out. Nick was a teletubbie, and I was a witch. Every year Nick tries to find the funniest costume. I think this year he really enjoyed what he chose. He was in character a lot of the night, and even did a freestyle rap. I have the video to prove. I hope to post that soon.

Here are some pictures from the night.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emma and Presley

When I was pregnant, I wondered how Presley would react to a baby in the house. He was always afraid when kids were in the house. He would run off and hide. During the end of my pregnancy he spent a lot of time in bed with me. It was like he knew I was sick. I worried that he was getting too attached to me, and when Emma came I would not have enough time for him.

Boy was I wrong, he now wants nothing to do with me. He loves Emma. He lets her do anything she wants to him. She tortures him at times, and he comes back for more. Lately she will lay on him and cuddle or sit in his bed with him. They have become such good friends.

Emma spent a lot of the day chasing Presley around the house. I think they both enjoyed it. Em thought it was hilarious when Presley came up and kissed her cheek. I was lucky enough to get a picture of it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun!!!

Yesterday we brought Emma to the pumpkin patch! It was so much fun! We had a nice group with us. David, Rachel and the girls, Matt, Theresa, Alexis, Adrianna, Miguel, Dayna and baby Adriana. How fun! I can't believe that last year, Emma was as small as Adriana is now. It really showed us how much she has grown.

Emma was amazed at all the pumpkins. She went up and hugged them. She explored the Indian huts with Nick. Went through a hay maze with Jazzlynn. Watched a barnyard concert, and danced away. She has always been a sucker for music. It gets her every time.

She really enjoyed the hayride to the pumpkin area. Picking a pumpkin is a important job, and she did not take it lightly. When she finally found "her" perfect pumpkin she was so proud. It was big, round and MOLDY, ewww! Nick had to redirect her to another pumpkin. At this point she was more interested in playing in the dirt.

We can't wait to bring her again next year!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here we go again...
Emma was doing so well eating her food. Now all of the sudden she refuses to eat. All she will eat is Cheerios (if we are lucky). I am so frustrated. She is obviously hungry. She is being a beast! I have tried everything in the cupboard. I waste so much food. Nick is staying out late tonight with some friends, and I need a break ASAP. I might run away. Anyone want to come with me?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday we went to Great America, to watch my sister's cheer team (she coaches) compete. Let's just say that they were amazing! I can not believe how talented they ALL were. They were by far the best team there! I am so proud of them all. They qualified for nationals at Disneyland, and took first place. Emma was in awe. She really enjoyed watching the competition. Who knows, maybe she will follow in her auntie's footsteps. Let's just hope she has her aunt's skills=)

Sunday we went to San Francisco to watch the Columbus Day Parade (or whatever it was renamed to) We took a nice walk to my Aunt and Uncle's weekend apartment, it was so nice! I can see why they love it there. Emma enjoyed all the attention from her crazy cousins. Later we walked back to my grandmother's apartment and watched the parade. Emma got so much attention from all the people in the floats. She even got up close and personal with a horse and Dalmatian. After the parade, we went to the rooftop to watch the Blue Angels. Emma being Emma, fell asleep right when the show started. She can sleep through anything. Wow they are incredible. I can not believe how talented they are.

I hope this will be a new tradition. It was so fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Emma went to a costume party on Saturday. She skipped her nap (never again) boy was she a grump at times. I think she enjoyed walking around in her costume. She hit the pinata, ate cake, and walked around her Aunts house like she owned the place. Typical Emma. I don't think she even recognized her BFF Robbie in his Frankenstein costume.

Ariana (the birthday girl) looked absolutely adorable in her Lady Bug costume. She is such a cutie. She adores Emma.

I can't wait to take Emma trick or treating this year, I think she will have a blast with her cousins. Hopefully Stephanie and Gilbert will have Ariana! There are much more houses in our development this year!

We are looking forward to our 5 annual Halloween Party on the 25th!!! I can not believe it has been 5 years already. I think we will have a nice turn out. It will be nice to actually be able to enjoy myself this year, Emma will be with my mom.

Saturday, we will be going to Great America to watch my sister's cheer team compete! Should be fun. And Sunday hopefully we will be going to San Francisco to see the Columbus Day Parade! I have always wanted to go. Should be an interesting weekend.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not much has changed since I last updated this. I guess the only thing is she now has enough hair for pigtails =) And we are definitely having fun with that!

Having a one year old is so much fun! I am loving every minute of it. She is such a good girl. This week my sister Stephanie was off, so Emma got to spend all week with her. We went shopping most of the week and Emmy loved it. I think we may be creating a monster. We even met up with Nick for lunch finally. Emma got to meet all of Nick's coworkers. She was a hit! She has the goofiest personality. I think she is going to be a lot like her daddy, god help us!

Today Emma is going to a birthday party. It is a costume party. She looks adorable in her little ballerina costume. I know she will have a blast. I am amazed at how much Emma loves being around other kids. As my sister puts it "she is the ring leader of all the kids on the block and she is only one" it is hilarious. Everyone wants to be around her.