Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not much has changed since I last updated this. I guess the only thing is she now has enough hair for pigtails =) And we are definitely having fun with that!

Having a one year old is so much fun! I am loving every minute of it. She is such a good girl. This week my sister Stephanie was off, so Emma got to spend all week with her. We went shopping most of the week and Emmy loved it. I think we may be creating a monster. We even met up with Nick for lunch finally. Emma got to meet all of Nick's coworkers. She was a hit! She has the goofiest personality. I think she is going to be a lot like her daddy, god help us!

Today Emma is going to a birthday party. It is a costume party. She looks adorable in her little ballerina costume. I know she will have a blast. I am amazed at how much Emma loves being around other kids. As my sister puts it "she is the ring leader of all the kids on the block and she is only one" it is hilarious. Everyone wants to be around her.

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Stacey said...

You will have to post pics of her in the ballerina costume, I bet she looks adorable. They are SO much fun!!