Friday, December 25, 2009


We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and dad. My mom made a pizza and cooked it at our house. This thing was massive. It overflowed in the oven. When it came time to bake cookies for Santa, the house was engulfed in smoke. We had to open all the windows in the house. I'm really surprised that the smoke alarm did not go off. Note to self, have Nick check the batteries.

We tucked Emma in bed Christmas Eve thinking that we would get her gift put together and be in bed in no time. Nick opened the box and we soon realized that maybe we should not have waited until the last minute to put her kitchen set together. The instructions were a mile long! I quickly hopped onto the Internet to read the reviews, and noticed warnings from several people stating that it would take a good 3 hours to put this set together. In our case, it took 4.

Emma woke up as usual, grumpy. As soon as she saw her brand new kitchen set she was happy. She loved it! It was well worth the 4 hours it took to build. She loved it so much that we had to force her to open her other gifts. It took her an hour to get through them. I think she needs some more practice.

We spent the rest of the day with family. She had a blast entertaining our cousins.