Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I noticed I had pictures of Emma's big girl room, but so much has changed so I thought I would post what it looks like now. I just wish that she would sleep through the night. I never dreamed that at age two she would still be waking up every night.


Anissa said...

Her room is beautiful!!!! I LOVE IT! SO girly!! Hang in there, Elijah took FOREVER to sleep through the night. Not until he was a little OVER 2 years old, he started to. LOVE U!

Chele Belle said...

You poor Mama, I can't believe she's not sleeping through the night!? I thought I had it rough when Lambie randomly has a bad dream every few weeks...It's enough to make me re-think having another baby!? LOL

You did a wonderful job on her room, though! It's adorable!!!