Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every year, my parents would get us an ornament. I always got Precious Moments, my sister got Disney (can you imagine how jealous I was) and who knows what my brother got, probably race cars. I would always think, what the heck and I going to do with all of these pink ornaments.

I have a bit of OCD and everything in my house needs to match, including what is on my Christmas tree. There was no way I was putting a bunch of pink ornaments on my tree. So for years those ornaments sat in a box.

Last night I came up with this brilliant idea! Why not put up a small Christmas tree in Emma's playroom so we can see it from outside the house!?!? I convinced Nick that it had to be done. At 8:30 last night he went in the attic and got our little tree down.

Emma's playroom is purple, with pink, yellow and green accent colors. There was NO WAY I was putting red and green ornaments on this tree! Finally my stupid pink Precious Moments ornaments had a purpose! I must say, I love those stupid pink ornaments!



Anonymous said...

Very cute idea! I'm not really into Precious Moments and I have received a couple figurines that I keep stored away, I feel bad because they were gifts but... anyway I LOVE your tree idea! It's perfect for your little girl! Those ornaments will be treasured for years to come. Who knew?! Hahahaha.

Brittney said...

That is so darn cute! What a good idea! I was going to get a small pink tree and decorate it with strands of pearls and exotic feathers but Justin wouldn't go for it. lol Her tree looks so good!