Thursday, November 6, 2008

Emma's Fist Dental Visit

Emma had her very first dental appointment yesterday. I had a feeling that she was going to be a tough patient. I thought she would cry, kick and scream. Since I use to work at a pediatric dental office, I knew what to expect. I have seen a ton of babies go for their first check up and it not go so well. No biggie. If she screamed at least her mouth would be open right!?!

When we got to the office, she played in the waiting room. The RDA called us back, and Emma reached for her. She wanted to be held by her. It was pretty cute. The RDA really liked her. Emma got a sticker (she still doesn't know what to do with them). She sat on Nick's lap while he sat in the dental chair (pretty funny to see a grown man sit in a child's dental chair). The dentist was so sweet with her. She showed her the little mirror and Emma loved it. She opened her mouth wide and let the dentist check her teeth. She didn't scream, cry or anything! I was so impressed. Emma is getting 4 teeth! No wonder she isn't sleeping well at night! I hope she does this well in 6 months!


Stacey said...

Way to go Emma. I wish visits were that easy for us. Tehya starts screaming at the elevator (going in) and it doesn't stop until we are finished and left the building.

Ashley Murphy said...

YAY!! Good job to Emma! I know that Zak would be terrible at a dentist.

~Jessi~ said...

Yay Emma!!! That's awesome! I hope it wasn't just a fluke and she'll be that good every time! I'm still dreading it...stupid To-do list! Ahhhh!