Sunday, September 14, 2008

She Walks!!!

An update on Emmy! I forgot the password, and was too lazy to try and figure it out, or have a new one made until now.

Emma started walking right before she turned one! She is almost a pro! We had a "practice" birthday party for her on Tuesday. Man was she a grump! Bad idea! She took the whole "it's my party I can cry if I want to" way to seriously!

Her birthday party is on Saturday. Let's hope she is a happy camper! We got a little out of control on the invites. It should be quite an adventure.

We ordered her cake yesterday! Fun! Ordered her balloons! I hope 4 dozen will be enough lol...

Tomorrow will be the start of me watching Adrianna only twice a week. I think Emma will like having me all to herself again. We will miss Adrianna, but I am sure we will see her everyday anyways. Having two kids under age one was rough! But we made it through it. I no now that I do not want another kid for a long time, if ever!

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